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Empowerment and Success - The Startup Night: Business Queens

On May 28, 2024, a special highlight awaits us in the Archduke Johann Auditorium of the Montanuniversität Leoben: the Startup Night: Business Queens. Under the inspiring motto "The art of negotiation!" this event will empower women in particular and provide them with valuable skills for their professional success. With Christine Knotek, expert in negotiation training and founder of Knotek Training as well as cooperation partner of En Garde Negotiation Training, we have an outstanding keynote speaker on board who will introduce us to the world of the art of negotiation with her practical and tried and tested methods.

“You don’t get what you deserve,

but what is negotiated.”

This sentence forms the basis of Christine Knotek's keynote speech. In her presentation, she will use the Negotiation Chrono tool developed by En Garde and tried and tested in practice to show how anyone can successfully lead the conversation in negotiations. The Negotiation Chrono is a strategic tool that structures the entire negotiation process into clear phases, thus ensuring greater clarity and success.

Content of the keynote

Christine Knotek will guide the participants through the different phases of the NegotiationChrono:

  1. Strategic preparation: Here we learn how important thorough preparation is and what information should be collected in order to be well prepared for the negotiation.

  2. First phase at the negotiating table: This phase is about the framework conditions and the right questions that significantly influence the course of the negotiation.

  3. Proposal and optimization phase: Here Christine shows how to make constructive suggestions and steer the negotiation in a beneficial direction.

  4. Constructive conclusion: Ultimately, it is about concluding the negotiation successfully and achieving sustainable results.

Special features for women

Christine Knotek will also specifically show in which phases women can particularly score points and where risks lurk. With the right approach, these risks can be successfully mastered. Using examples from her own experience, she will show how you can achieve success in your own career as a business woman using these strategies, even in difficult situations.

Networking and exchange

Following the inspiring keynote, Christine Knotek will be available for an interactive question and answer session. This offers a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the expert's experience and to clarify individual questions. The event then invites you to a relaxed networking session, where you can make new contacts and exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Be there!

The event is not only for female entrepreneurs,

but open to EVERYONE interested.

The more diverse the mix, the more fruitful the exchange. Secure your ticket now and be part of this inspiring night that will give you the tools and self-confidence you need to negotiate successfully and achieve your goals.

We look forward to welcoming many of you to the Erzherzog Johann Auditorium on May 28th and experiencing an inspiring and educational night together!


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